Skirting Choices

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Where 2m wide sheet vinyl or safety floor meets a wall or a kitchen unit then to complete the look some type of finish or skirting is required.Vinyl tiles and planks eg Amtico and Karndean,usually have a decorative strip or border that is laid on the same plain as the tiles/planks i.e flat.Vinyl sheet has skirtings that run at a right angle to the floor,i.e vertical up the wall.There are roughly four types of finish:-

 1.Flat Lay

    In other words no skirting.The vinyl is cut tight to the skirting board or kitchen unit and siliconed if desired. ( cheapest option. )
as shown above with this kitchen floor in Heaton where this Polyflor vinyl has been siliconed around the edge.
2.Sit On Skirting
    This is usually 100 mm high and comes in a few basic colours. Vinyl ( PVC ) skirting with a slight right angled toe is stuck onto the wall and over the vinyl or safety floor which has been flat laid as above.
 In this example above at a cattery in Northumberland,a Polyflor standard vinyl sheet covering has been finished with a black 100mm pvc sit on skirting.This is the second cheapest option.The skirt protects the wall and allows for easier cleaning but it is not a waterproof floor.
3.Set in Skirting 
    In this case the vinyl skirting is usually 100 mm high like the sit on skirting,but the right angled toe is wider and can vary from about 20mm -50 mm wide.This skirting is not laid over the top of the vinyl or safety floor,but the two are cut in and butt jointed together.Then they are welded with a hot air welding gun to give a water tight floor.The floor is still not 100% waterproof as the set in skirting comes in a 2 m length and where they are butt jointed along the wall they cannot be welded,only stuck to the wall and so there's a very slight possibility of water ingress at these joints up the wall.
The set in skirting above has been laid with Polysafe safety flooring in a Social Club in Sunderland.
4.Pre Formed Coved Skirting  ( PFC ) 
This is the most expensive type of skirting finish but in this case the vinyl or safety flooring material is continued up the wall in one continuous sheet.At the junction with the wall or kitchen unit, a curved former is postioned to allow the material to run up the wall and  finish into a coloured finishing strip,usually black or white.All joints are mitred and welded with both a hot weld or cold weld to give a fully washable,watertight floor.Especially used in clinics,surgeries and hospitals where hygeine regulations are stringent.
The vinyl flooring shown above is Polysafe Hydro in the colour Bisque and was laid at a Veterinary Practice at Bishop Auckland, Co.Durham
 5.Karndean and Amtico Borders
 Karndean and Amtico although both made from vinyl are only supplied in a tile or plank format.The borders for these two products are more decorative than functional and are better explained on another of our web pages.

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